Toy Videos

Petite Pink Nipples, Meet Vibrator

Can I Get Off with a Ruby Glow??

Impregnation Encouragement and Double Penetration


 One of my longest videos yet! In this vid, I start off in my innocent owl pajamas and lightly touch myself while telling you about how badly I want to get pregnant. I puff out my stomach and show you what I might start to look like after you shoot that thick load inside me. I take off my jammies to show you the vibrating butt plug that I've been wearing this whole time! Once I turn the vibrations on, I become overwhelmed with pleasure and edge for a while with my fingers. Then I just NEED something to fill me, so I use my pink dildo while I still have the plug in. Both are fairly large toys, so I can't fit them both at first! The video ends with me encouraging you to cum inside my tight little pussy. 


Four Toy Review: Vibrator, DP, and Anal Dildo


This is a 30 minute video of me trying four brand new toys for the first time and reviewing them! A fan bought them for me, commissioned this video, and asked me to mail him the toys afterward ;) I talk about what I do and don't like about each toy as I use them. I use: a penetrative vibrator, a silicone butt plug, a glass butt plug, and a silicone anal dildo! This is my first time using a toy that big in my ass, so I was a bit nervous! Usually I don't do much anal play, so this was a fun experiment :D Name Used: Eric


Butt Plug Insertion and Teasing


I show off my metal gem butt plug for you under my panties, then take them off to show you in HD as I slowly insert and remove it from my tight little asshole ;) I put on a dress and tease you with a tiny G-string that barely covers the plug, and then lie back down to show you my pussy and asshole as I push the plug in and out of my tight butthole. 


Purple Shibari Unboxing and First Use

Riding My Dildo Chair

I wish This Dildo was Your Cock