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You Would Do Anything for Me (CEI)

 I want you to jerk off exactly the way I tell you, and do everything I say even if it makes you uncomfortable. I know you'd do anything for me though, it really turns me on when you follow my instructions ;) I have a dirty idea.... I'm going to make you eat your own cum! Lean back, get your legs up, and cum in your mouth for me. 

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Girlfriend's Sister Catches You Staring

 You're watching tv at your girlfriend's house with her family. Your girlfriend's sister just turned 18 this month and has been dressing more and more provocatively since her birthday party. You notice that she keeps crossing and uncrossing her legs whenever you look her way, giving you glimpses of her panties. You can't help but stare, and she catches you. She gets you to meet her in the hall to talk about it, but she gets so turned on by how hard you are that she takes off her panties and makes you use them to jerk off! Don't tell big sis! 

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Both of us really want you to get hard and jerk off for us, and we want to tell you exactly how! We tell you when to slow down, when to speed up, and we have a sexy and teasing cum countdown at the end where Sara shows me a new trick to get guys to cum harder ;) 

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Girlfriend's Sister Catches You Staring part 2

 Your girlfriend's sister Sierra found out you're a pervert who looks up girls skirts, and has been teasing and taunting you with that for weeks now. Giving you glances here and there when your girlfriend isn't looking, Sierra has been driving you wild, yet the two of you are never left alone for more than a second. Tonight your girlfriend and Sierra are hanging out, but they haven't decided what to do yet, so Sierra starts making suggestions and giving you flashes up her skirt again. When she suggests flashing the bouncer at a bar so she can go in (she's still only 18), your heart skips a beat. Just when you think you can't take the tension anymore, your girlfriend leaves the room to take a quick shower. Sierra takes advantage of the situation and shoves her panties at you, making you promise to use them to jerk off later. You have an idea, but you're not sure if she'll like it.... what if Sierra tried on 3 pairs of your girlfriend's panties? Which pair would you want her to wear to the club, knowing the whole time she has her sister's panties on? 

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Orgasm and Pillow Talk

This is an encouragement video with a twist, it's emotional encouragement as well as masturbation encouragement ;) After we both cum, I come in a little closer and reassure you while you clean up.

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