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What is Onlyfans?

Onlyfans is an adult-friendly, subscription-based site for videos and pictures. You can support your favorite content creators, and view their pics and vids in one place.

What can I expect from TeenyGinger's Onlyfans?

I post daily! Here's my schedule:

  • Sunday: Song Sunday! Striptease or silly dancing to music
  • Monday: Photoset (10-25 pics)
  • Tuesday: Short Video
  • Wednesday: Full-Length Video
  • Thursday: Photoset
  • Friday: Full-Length Video
  • Saturday: Short Video

How do I find other models' Onlyfans?

Check out my twitter and pay attention to who I retweet! I tend to retweet my friends and favorite models, many of them have Onlyfans profiles. Or just ask me, I'm always happy to recommend my friends!

What can I expect from other models' Onlyfans?

It varies! A LOT! Make sure to read descriptions before signing up, and research the model on other social media platforms.

Why are some accounts priced higher than others?

Some models offer low subscriptions and send more content in pay-to-view messages, others offer high subscriptions and post more content. Each model decides her own pricing, so while some accounts may offer "more" than others, Onlyfans is more about the relationship with the model, and supporting their content creation.

What if I still have more questions?

Here's the official Onlyfans FAQ page, it likely answers your questions.


For Models

All About Onlyfans

Onlyfans is a subscription-based website for hosting your pictures and videos. Currently (as of Jan 19, 2020) I know of a few main approaches to Onlyfans subscription pricing:

  1. Free: In this method, you set your page as free to view and promote it on your social media as free, but Onlyfans only allows non-nude pictures on free accounts. By setting your account as free, you unlock the "post pricing" option, which allows you to post content for sale on your wall (behind a blur to anyone who hasn't paid). You can also send out Pay-To-View (PTV) messages to your subscribers, to entice them to purchase more.
  2. Low Cost: By setting a very low cost to your Onlyfans account, you're able to post nude content directly to your page, and you know for a fact that everyone who is watching is a big enough fan that they have paid to sign up. This is often coupled with frequent PTV videos and a pinned tip menu.
  3. Mid-Cost: This is what I do, but please do not let that affect your decision. My Onlyfans is set at $19.99/month currently, and I post full clipsite videos twice per week. I also send out half priced PTV videos once per week. I mainly send fetish vids as PTV and "crowd-pleasers" as main posts, but it depends on the custom orders I get that month.
  4. High-End: Some models charge $40+ for their pages, for some that is all-inclusive and some charge more for Boy/Girl or Girl/Girl content.

Ultimately, your pricing model depends on how frequently you want to post, how consistent you can be with your posting, how successful you are with promotion, and how highly you value your content.

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If any of this information helps you, or you plan to revisit this page in the future, please use my referral link when you sign up! I get a small percentage of Onlyfans' earnings from your content (your pay won't be affected, only theirs).

I offer FREE CONSULTATIONS for ANY model who signs up with my referral code. After signing up, send me a message on twitter or reddit!

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Free Consultation

 I offer FREE CONSULTATIONS for ANY model who signs up with my referral code. After signing up, send me a message on twitter or reddit!