Strong Orgasm in My VS Thong

Redhead Teen Gives Private Show to Shower Voyeur

Close Up Hitachi Over VS Panties

Fingering Myself POV


Four Toy Review: Vibrator, DP, and Anal Dildo

This is a 30 min video of me trying four brand new toys for the first time, then reviewing them! A fan bought them for me, commissioned this video, and I mail him the toys afterward! I talk about what I do and don't like about each toy as I use them. I use: a penetrative vibrator, a silicone butt plug, a glass butt plug, and a silicone anal dildo! This is my first time using a toy that big in my ass, so I was a bit nervous! Usually I don't do much anal play, this was a fun experiment! Name Used: Eric


Girlfriend Bought You Panties and a Dildo with Aftercare

Your girlfriend bought you a pair of pretty pink panties and wants to see you wear them while you use your new dildo for her! JOI with non-humiliating male anal play instructions. Very loving/affectionate with aftercare post-orgasm.


Wet Bra and Panties in the Shower

I show off my bra and panties dry, then step into the water and let you watch as they slowly get wet from the shower! Once they're both soaking wet I strip them off and make myself cum ;)


Chastity Play for Jonathan

This is an in-depth video with lots of dirty talk! While wearing my comfy pajamas, I tease you about being in a chastity cage all month, and how badly you must want to touch your cock. I talk about all of the benefits you must be feeling by now since you haven't cum in so long. I smoke weed, then I get really horny and need to touch myself. I tell you I want you to rewatch this video again later and follow these instructions, but for now you have to just watch and listen while I get myself off and you're not allowed to touch! No humiliation, nothing degrading, I think it's hot you want to wait so long! I bet you're going to cum SO hard when you finally allow yourself to cum to this video. During the cooldown/aftercare, I talk about bringing up kinks with a new partner. The name Jonathan is used in the video. 

Describing My Favorite Sex Position

Intimate Orgasm

Telling You Everything

Custom: Dildo Riding on a Chair

I Wish This Dildo was Your Cock

Oops, I Squirted! My First Time Squirting

Standing Orgasm After the Gym

Watching My Older Videos

Playing with my Shaved Pussy (Re-release)

Blowing My Camp Counselor / Story and Masturbating

Cumming in See Through Panties

How Many Times Can I Cum in a Row?