Red Light, Green Light

40 Minute JOI with Aftercare

Positive JOI with Aftercare

Athletic Ankle Socks JOI

Cum in My Silky Panties (JOI)


Humiliating Panty and Anal JOI

 Get out a butt plug and buy a pair of my panties, you're going to need both for this humiliating jerk off instruction video. I sternly guide you through what I want you to do as you do lightly degrading tasks (precum eating, anal play, etc). Femdom, female domination, humiliation, smell my panties, sniff my ass 


Intimate Lipstick JOI

Stare at my bright pink lips and my perky tits from above as I slowly tease you through a strong orgasm! I blow kisses at the camera and smile a lot in this Jerk Off Instruction video ;) Very soft and intimate 


Up Close Pussy Worship JOI

With the camera super close to my pussy, I dirty talk to you and tell you how much you love my tight teen pussy. You know you would do anything for it. You love watching my videos and watching me cum.

Smell My Panties (JOI and CEI)

Desperate for Dick joi



Both of us really want you to get hard and jerk off for us, and we want to tell you exactly how! We tell you when to slow down, when to speed up, and we have a sexy and teasing cum countdown at the end where Sara shows me a new trick to get guys to cum harder ;) 


Best Friend Wants to Peg You (JOI)

Hey Brendan, I know we've been friends for a while now and it's never really gone any further... but you seem like a really open-minded guy, and I've seen the way you look at me. There's something kinky I want to try with you. I can see you're hard right now ;) I think it'd be really hot if you took out your cock and jerked off for me! But that's not the kinky part ;) I got this new strapon, and I really want to fuck a man's ass with it. I think you'd be a perfect first time ;) If your name is Brendan then this is your lucky day, because that's the name I use throughout this video!


Duo Striptease JOI

 Sara (aka purplehailstorm) and I really want to see your cock and watch you jerk off for us! We give you jerk off instructions as we slowly strip out of our dresses and surprise you with sexy lingerie ;) She unzips my dress for me and we take off our lingerie before we start begging for your cum! We want you to cum all over us ;) 

I Like it When You Watch

Wearing Your Girlfriend's Panties (JOI)

Cumming Together | ASMR JOI


Blackmail JOI

 We work together, and you thought you could get my attention by sending me some nudes. I hate your pathetic cock, and I'm going to make you pay for upsetting me. Does your wife know you sent me those? Because if you don't do what I say, I'm going to tell her about the pictures you took, and the new pictures I'm going to make you take ;) Keywords: Jerk Off Instructions (JOI), blackk mail fantasy, CFNM, fuck off, male humiliation, light anal play, upskirt, nylons, bodycon dress, domination, dominating teen 


You Would Do Anything For Me (CEI/JOI)


I want you to jerk off exactly the way I tell you, and do everything I say even if it makes you uncomfortable. I know you'd do anything for me though, it really turns me on when you follow my instructions ;) I have a dirty idea.... I'm going to make you eat your own cum! Lean back, get your legs up, and cum in your mouth for me.


Butthole Winking JOI

Jerk Off Instructions (JOI) with a lot of up close butthole winking. Dirty talk about how much you want to touch, lick, and fuck my tight little butthole. Specifically the words butt and butthole, not ass and asshole. 

Anal JOI (no humilation)

30 Minute Long Edging JOI

Welcome to Being a Woman

Jilling Instructions for Women

Edging JOI with Cum Countdown