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Answers to the questions I see all the time on /r/SellerCircleStage

The Basics

Step 1: Name Yourself


Come up with a username and a stage name to call yourself.

Your username should tell the viewer something about you, whether that's physically or based on your personality. Are you a KinkyDomme or GirlNextDoor?

Your stage name should be something believable enough that you won't feel too uncomfortable writing it on shipping return labels! Mine is Sierra Rhodes. Just make sure it sounds nothing like your given name.

Step 2: Set Up Your Space


The better the lighting, the better the pictures. Personally, I use an umbrella light  2-pack set that I got for around $30 on Amazon, but I'd recommend researching the best option for your room/space.

The Amazon Basics tripod and a small bluetooth remote are both worth their money ten times over.

Your phone's camera is likely higher quality than you think, try posing your body in different angles and moving your lights around while taking pictures for an hour or two to get used to the way your 3D body looks in 2D space.

Step 3: Sign up for social media


Using the username you chose in step 1, sign up for Reddit and/or Twitter. Spend a few days familiarizing yourself with the platforms and learning the etiquette of the different communities. Many selling subreddits require a minimum of 14 days of posting history before you can get verified, so start looking for subreddits to post and comment in. Personally I'd recommend starting with /r/AskRedditAfterDark, /r/AskWomen, /r/SellerCircleStage, and /r/Camming.

If you're not familiar with reddit at all, here's their intro:

Step 4: Verification Pictures


Set aside about 30 minutes one day to take your verification pictures. Before starting, write your reddit username on pieces of paper with the date and the names of subreddits you'd like to get verified on. I'd recommend using one paper for selling subs and one for non-selling subs. Use a thick black marker and write as clearly and largely as possible.

Research the specific poses necessary for each subreddit. In general, most subs want: one pic facing forward, one facing sideways, and one backwards or the other side. If you're taking these before getting a tripod and you don't have a trusted friend/SO to take them, try holding your phone by the sides and using the volume button to take the pic, or try using a selfie stick.

Step 5: First Photos and Videos


Apart from your verification pictures, you'll also want 20-30 pictures of yourself in various poses and states of undress. These will be the pics you use in your first ads on /r/SexSells, the pics you use to post on /r/GoneErotic, and your profile picture for any clipsites you decide to sign up for. If you plan on selling panties, take pictures in 3-5 pairs.

If you don't want to post ads for custom videos yet but want to start selling videos on clipsites or posting on Pornhub, I'd recommend filming 3-5 of the following video ideas:

- Fingering yourself over panties to orgasm

- Striptease, with or without music

- Some form of dirty talk while you masturbate, especially if it's a fantasy that turns you on

- Taking off a bra and panties and then masturbating to orgasm

- Encouraging the viewer to jerk off while you masturbate to orgasm

- Masturbating using a vibrator, if you own one

Step 6: Sign Up and Start Selling


Now that you have a name, a social media presence, a platform to advertise on, profile/banner pictures, and your first videos, you're ready to sign up for clipsites! Scroll down for more info about clipsite payout rates and my referral links.

I'd recommend starting with OnlyFans and ManyVids. Start by posting all 3-5 videos on ManyVids and 2 of them on Onlyfans. Film a short video of yourself saying your username and stage name while waving to the camera and post that on twitter/reddit as well, so users can see you post your own videos. I did mine in the form of a video blog.

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- $0.70/1k views

- Lots of internal traffic

- Monetize your trailers to get paid for advertising your clipsite videos

- Post full videos to get featured on the front page


 - 65% Payout on videos

- 80% Payout on tips

- Customizable Fan Club

- Linked with Pornhub (setting a download price for a video puts it in your Modelhub store)


- 80% Payout

- Subscription-based site for pics and vids

- Consistency is important

- Schedule posts in advance

- Very popular on reddit and twitter


- 60% Payout on videos

- 80% Payout on tips, custom vids, and MV Crush

- MV Crush Subscriptions (pictures and vids shorter than 3min)

- Video Membership Subscriptions (buyers pay monthly for access to ALL videos)


- 60% Payout on videos

- 80% Payout on tips/tributes

- Domme/kink focused

(I no longer sell on this site, but I know many successful models who use it)


-  Lots of internal traffic despite the antiquated website design

- 60% payout on videos

- 80% payout on tips/tributes

 (I no longer sell on this site, but I know many successful models who use it) 



- 50 cents per token (~50% payout)

- Picture/Video store

- Snapchat sales integration

Many Others

I'm not very familiar with other camsites since I don't show my face! Chaturbate allows faceless models, but My Free Cams and many others do not.

Photosets and More


This is best suited for high-quality photosets, both nude and non-nude. You can also sell videos here, but the main focus is pictures. My best selling boxes contain only pictures, and my video boxes all include pictures as well as the video.


Sell access to your private snapchat account! Many models have both a private (nude) and a public (non-nude) snapchat account. For more info on snapchat sales, google: "how to run a premium snapchat account"


After following the first 5 steps listed under "How to Start" you'll be ready to post on! Make sure to read the stickied posts and the wiki before creating your first ad.


Sexting service where buyers pay to send you messages, and they pay to open any pictures you send! You set your rates, so if you don't like taking pictures, charge more!


A subscription-based site for pictures and videos. Consistency is key here, post regularly to keep your subscribers happy and encourage others to subscribe. You can schedule posts in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Does it matter if I use different names on different sites?

Not necessarily, but it doesn't help you. By being consistent with your name across platforms, it's easier for buyers to find you. If you do use a different name on your camsite than your twitter that's ok, but make sure to promote it whenever possible, so your buyers know you use a different name on twitter.

What's your filming setup?

  • Camera: Galaxy s7 Phone Camera
  • Lighting: 2 E-Mart Umbrella Lights
  • Editing Software: Adobe Premier Pro (previously I used Davinci Resolve)
  • Encoding Software: Handbrake

How Much Should I Charge?

That depends, how much is your time worth? Do not undersell yourself, offering ridiculously low prices attracts timewasters (who think you're desperate for money) and the assholes who think they can push you around (because they think you're desperate for money). This is a real job, you set your own limits and your own prices. 

Generally the recommendation is:

Physical Items: Item's Original Cost + Shipping Cost + $20 to $50 depending on your marketing skills, the quality of your pictures, and how much you think the item is really worth.

Sexting: $2 per minute on average on /r/sexsells. Many girls charge more or less depending on their phone's quality, how frequently they send pics/vids, and the fetishes desired.

Custom Videos: I charge $10 per minute, but many girls on /r/sexsells charge between $5/min and $15/min. Try offering videos at one price and then raise it if you get too many orders. Too many orders means you have enough demand to charge more.

Premade Videos: $1-$2 per minute depending on the fetish (if any) and the quality of the video.

If it's not on this list or the /r/sellercirclestage wiki's price guide, my answer to you would be: I don't know, how much do you think you should charge? It's your business, it's your money

Why don't my posts show up on /r/UsedPanties?

Even though does not require verification anymore, they still require your account to be several days old and have at least 20 karma. Try posting in other subreddits for fun and to give your persona more of a backstory. What do you like to do? What are your goals, passions, dreams, hobbies, favorite activities, favorite foods, favorite tv shows, anything? Heck, many start by posting comments in /r/AskReddit! This is also a good time to start using those pics from Step 5 (above) to post in image-based subreddits so people subscribe to your profile.

Im a man / bbw / poc / trans / purple-eyed / green-skinned / 10 feet tall, is there a market for me?

Yes, there's a market for everyone! Search around on /r/sexsells, on twitter, on pornhub, and manyvids to look for other performers who resemble yourself, and take notes on what they do. Look at the angles they pose from, pay attention to their camera placement and lighting, check to see which social media platforms they focus on, how do they interact with their fans, which hashtags do they use, etc. Basically, just internet stalk the heck outta your role models. What are they doing that you could be doing too (without blatantly copying, use them as inspiration), and what do you think you could be doing better? What new angle can you bring to the table?

What should my persona be?

I cannot answer that one for you, my friend. That's akin to a musician asking what genre they should play or an author asking what they should write about. I have no idea dude, what are you all about? What makes you tick? What kind of videos do you enjoy filming most? Do you even film videos? Get buyers excited about you for YOU, not because of something someone online told you that you should do.

Picture Quality Comparison

Hotel Room Lighting + Front Facing Camera (5MP)


I took this picture next to a window in a hotel. I held out my phone and pushed the volume button to take a picture (many android phones have this feature, other phones may have it as well).

Umbrella Light + Back Facing Camera (12MP)


For this picture I used one of my umbrella lights, a tripod with a phone mount, a bluetooth camera remote, and a standing mirror behind the tripod to see my phone screen.

Video Quality Comparison

Canon Vixia R800 + 2 Umbrella Lights


No matter how much lighting I added and how many settings I changed on the camera, I could never figure out why my videos turned out so dark.

Samsung Galaxy 12MP Phone Camera + 2 Umbrella Lights


Most smartphones these days have very good cameras. Put a mirror behind your phone to watch yourself on the screen.

My Video Blog

I put up a few videos on Pornhub as a Video Blog! I talk about how I got started with videos, the different social media platforms I use, and a bit about the process of making videos!